Deceiving Derek by Cindy Procter-King
Chippewa Publishing
Reviewed by Tanya



Lacey knows she needs to liven up her life, and she also knows if she is to launch her lingerie line she needs more confidence.  So when the opportunity arises at a bridal shower to do just that, she runs with the idea.  While many others will just go look for a Ken doll cop she is going after the real thing.  She has planned the story out, using facts from real life, and sets out to win the scavenger hunt.  The fact that Derek’s, the cop in question, sister has helped push them together doesn’t hurt in the end.  But is the biggest con against them? 


Deceiving Derek is a fast paced story that will make you laugh out loud.  It also shows what a little challenge might do to bring out the creativity of a woman.  I enjoyed how the author tied the story together and I would love to see how the next chapter of Lacy and Derek’s lives go. You want a fast paced funny read?  Run out and get Deceiving Derek.


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