Death by Indifference by Caitlyn Hunter
Reviewed by Barb



Tess Avery has decided that growing old sucks and she does not want to be alone anymore. Being independent and self-sufficient she has a life she enjoys and would like to add to it. At the very least she hopes to find a few new friends to go out and spend time with. Once her decision is made she sets about finding someone new to date. Unfortunately for Tess, the first two men she arranges to meet end up dead.


Lieutenant Sam Marshall is a man who any woman would be attracted to. He is the epitome of tall, dark and handsome. Over the years he has dealt with lots of cases and met many civilians. None as interesting to Sam as Tess Avery. With every meeting he grows more intrigued.


Sam and Tess give off sparks from the moment they first meet. Will they be able to move forward? Can they find the killer before he strikes again?


Death by Indifference is a wonderful suspense-filled story of two people who meet at an interesting time in both their lives. Ms. Hunter’s addition of Tess’s own inner demon, her ‘Wicked Witch’ gives the story a depth that makes the reader enjoy the tale even more.


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