Blood Rite by Melanie Atkins
Reviewed by Rosemary



New Orleans Homicide Detective Nick Marconi is walking a tightrope of control, haunted by the deaths of his sister and partner, Nick is consumed with solving these brutal crimes.  Nick is called to his bossís office and given a choice, either see psychiatrist Gracie Simmons, or turn in his badge and weapon for keeps.  Gracie and Nick are immediately attracted to each other at their first session, yet they both knew they could not act on that attraction and compromise both their jobs.

Blood Rite is an all too real story of chilling murders.  Melanie Atkins illustrates a comprehensible look into police work and the affects it takes on Nickís personal life.  Gracie is determined to see Nick as a man and not a cop, but she soon discovers she must turn to Nick for protection.  Although there is some romance, the main focus of the story is the suspense.  Blood Rite is a well paced chiller, with an abundance of suspects, but not for the faint of heart readers.


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