You Can Leave Your Hat On by Lena Matthews

Samhain Publishing

M/M Contemporary

ISBN: 978-1-60504-539-9

Reviewed by Ley



With his graduation finally near, Harlan Sheppard is closer to his goal of obtaining the one thing he always wanted and it’s not his diploma.  Harlan has worked as a teaching assistant for Professor Sawyer Addison for the past two years and he has lusted after him every single day. Unfortunately Sawyer only saw him as a student and considered him to be off limits, but Harlan was determined to show him otherwise.  Harlan worked his way through college as a male stripper and drawing on that experience he sets into motion a plan to seduce the object of his desire.

Sawyer refused to get involve with his student no matter how much he was attracted to him. Even though Harlan will no longer be his student, Sawyer is still hesitant to get involve with him because of his job at the strip club. He was not sure he can handle having his boyfriend lusted after night after night.  When Harlan’s persistence wears down Sawyer’s resistance will the two be able to sustain a relationship outside of the bedroom?

You can Leave Your Hat On is a very hot and sexy story, with a great storyline, but unfortunately I wasn’t very taken with the characters. Physically, Sawyer and Harlan were hot together, but outside of the bedroom, I didn’t like Sawyer very much.  I found him to be very rude and domineering and I did not like how he treated Harlan.  Actually most of the characters came across as smart mouth and egotistical and that was a bit of a turn off. I also found that the story opened up subplots that left me wondering the outcome, especially where Harlan’s brother was concerned.  Outside of the sex scenes, You Can Leave Your Hat On did not hold my interest, but other readers and fans of Lena Matthews may find it more to their liking.


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