Year of the Cat by Selah March

Amber Quill Ė Allure

Paranormal M/M

ISBN: 978-1-60272-460-0

Reviewed by Lisa



An unkind, arrogant young man is cursed by a sorceress to spend his days as a feline and his nights as a man.  Decades pass, he doesnít age or remember where he came from or even his given name as he wanders the countryside.

Old Monsieur Le Fevre lies on his deathbed. His two older, greedy sons, Daubert and Jourdain, await the end and plot to rid themselves of their naÔve, younger brother, Etienne -- their fatherís favorite.

Although Etienne has spent his life with his head in the clouds or a book, he knows heís in danger from his siblings and runs when his father passes.  Etienne finds a cat he names Jacques and then a ramshackle hut his father once mentioned.  That night, as he freezes to death in the hut, a man called Jacques walks into the room and Etienneís life is changed forever.

Deliciously wicked, Year of the Cat is an old fashioned fairy tale for consenting adults only.  Sizzling hot M/M sexual encounters and a taste of BDSM, which is more implied than actual for the most part, moves the plotline along.  The men are opposites in nature. Jacques is rough and sometimes nasty while Etienne is somewhat weak and easily led. Itís only when in their respective D/s roles that they are truly comfortable.  Year of the Cat is a unique and fresh spin on the timeless conflict of attraction.


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