Witches Anonymous by Misty Evans

Samhain Publishing

Paranormal Romance

ISBN: 978-1-60504-397-5

Reviewed by Shayna



Witch Amy Atwood isnít your stereotypical Glinda the Good Witch.  No, sheís a Satan-worshipping, wicked witch through and through, and is quite happy about it until she catches Lucifer in bed with her sister.  Then itís off to Witches Anonymous and a renouncing of her powers for Amy.  When she meets sexy firefighter Adam Foster, Amy figures heís a delicious compliment to her new, normal lifestyle.

But the devil doesnít give up so easy.  Lucifer wants Amy back and he isnít taking no for an answer.  To make matters worse, the angel Gabriel is now on Amyís case with an agenda as his own.  Itís all almost too much for a newly-reformed witch to bear and Amy only has until Halloween to figure a spell-less way to get herself out of trouble.

Spirited and fun, Witches Anonymous is like a breath of fresh air.  Itís energetic, sharp, and, much like Amyís beloved Dove chocolates, utterly delicious.  Misty Evans has a lively voice that comes right off the page, giving her characters a spark I found truly enjoyable.  I adored Amy from the very first page.  Although she possesses magical powers, her attitude makes her easy to identify with.  Her hero, Adam, is everything a hero worth sighing over should be.  And Lucifer (or Luc, as he likes to be called), isnít your average version of Satan.  Heís seductive to the max and I must admit Ms. Evans made me feel a bit of sympathy for the devil. A fast-paced tale that is completely spellbinding, Witches Anonymous is not to be missed.  Wickedly entertaining!


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