Wild Heart by Lori Brighton

Kensington Zebra

Historical Paranormal

ISBN: 978-1-4201-0865-1

Reviewed by Sabella



Ella Finch hasn’t had much in life, so being plucked out of the orphanage by Lady Buckley wasn’t exactly a salvation, but it allowed her a semblance of a comfortable life as a governess.  However, now Ella is being sent off by Lady Buckley to become the governess to Leo Roberts, the grandson of a powerful lord, but in this case it is a grown man, not a child.  Leo spent his formative years in India, which in the eyes of society makes him seem uncultivated rather than exotic.  He appears to be intractable and wild in unpredictable ways, plus he seems to strike a spark deep within her that she’s unable to control.  Still, the more that Ella gets to know Leo, the surer she is that Leo is not as mad as the world thinks, but that he is haunted by the ghost of his past that will not rest until he finds the truth.

Lori Brighton takes a unique path in her debut novel Wild Heart where she skillfully weaves traditional romance elements with the mysticism that India represents and a murder mystery.  Ella is an interesting character as she has secrets of her own and even though she risks herself, she never gives up her faith in Leo.  Leo is a man surrounded by mystery, contradiction, and lots of danger, while seemingly not trusting those he should – his family.  However, as the plot progresses the romance moves at a fast clip, while leaving the mystery and mysticism lagging behind, which are, after all, the novel’s allure outside of the romance aspect.  I look forward to reading further contributions by Lori Brighton as I believe she will make her mark in the historical genre as she defines and refines her own writing style.  Get yourself Wild Heart for an unusual read that will keep you turning the pages!


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