Wicked Comes the Beast by Mimi Riser

Amber Heat

Historical Erotic Romance, M/M

ISBN: 978-1-60272-507-2

Reviewed by Patrice F.



Claire Crawford is ‘on the shelf’ despite her fortune and status.  She’s a proper Victorian lady struggling to keep her thoughts pure, although she becomes overheated whenever her neighbor, Dr. Sean Henry, pays a visit.  A tight corset and excitement increase her fainting spells, and when she succumbs to another bout, she wakes up to find out she is in quite a predicament.  Is the handsome Irish doctor a beast or the man she’s always dreamed of?

Dr. Henry is harboring more than his fair share of secrets.  His feelings for Claire ensure that he is a danger.  This means he requires the assistance of his licentious valet and his anxious partner to help keep her safe from the sex hungry fiend residing within him.

What’s a man to do when underneath his civilized veneer a ravening beast claws its way to the surface, hungry for sexual excess?   All the answers to this single, loaded question are answered in Wicked Comes the Beast with humor, panache, heat and daring.  Mimi Riser engages the fancy while blatantly making fun of Victorian mores, literature, and anything else that deserves a jab—other than the heroine by the randy hero.  I liked this story and her writing style so well that the next step is to read more of her work.  Readers who can appreciate her risqué observations and raunchy sense of fun should dive right in.  This author has a witty and wicked way with words that is sure to please and win over new fans.


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