Visions Captured by Lorie O'Clare

Leopard Visions, Book 1

Ellora's Cave

Erotic Shapeshifter

ISBN: 9781419917547

Reviewed by Indy



Leo Pard is a myth, a leopard created to instill fear and there's no way he's really trying to round up people like her. Chantelle Drap has a gift; one she keeps hidden even from her own kind. No one is aware of her unusual abilities except her lone surviving litter mate so how her name came to be on a list of leopards with special talents is one mystery that will soon have Chantelle running for cover. Josh Bard says he's a friend but how is she to trust someone who is being paid to bring her in. Someone who claims he's really there to keep her safe, someone who causes her system to go haywire with the need to be mounted.

Josh understands Chantelle has questions and her independence won't allow her to just follow his lead. No matter her hesitation and mistrust he plans on keeping her safe, for her litter mate but also for his own selfish reasons. Reasons that include having the blonde Goddess become a permanent fixture in his world and no one, not even the mysterious Leo Pard will stop him from having her.

Visions Captured is an interesting first installment into Lorie O'Clare's newest shifter series. Chantelle Drap is a feisty female Leopard shifter who doesn't allow her size to stand in the way of protecting herself. A kind of heroine who took a little getting used to, she fights tooth and nail against the love she knew in her heart was inevitable. A lesser leopard might have been sent running but Josh Bard is anything but. A shifter who lives by his own set of rules and who from first glance is willing to do whatever he can to protect Chantelle. Trust didn't come easy and one of the things I enjoyed was Chantelle forcing Josh to prove he was on her side, with deeds not just words. Visions Captured will definitely please the masses and provide enough action to a book already overflowing with eroticism.


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