Vision Revealed by Lorie O’Clare

Leopard Visions, Book 5

Ellora’s Cave


ISBN: 9781419921605

Reviewed by Jo



Jin Rose has done many horrible things in her life and has now paid for most of them by losing her status in the leopard world as a hunter.  However, there is still one thing she must do—meet with all the other hunters and tell them everything she has been hiding for so long.  Only then will she be able to build for herself an honorable existence.  Jin knows that very few leopards trust her and when they find out the truth, she just may be killed for it.  Nevertheless, Jin is determine to follow though with her plans, even now that a new sexy leopard has suddenly become her shadow.

Kane Masters has seen his future and it involves him becoming a hunter and finding the mysterious female from his visions that will be his mate.  Kane knows that being a white leopard will stand in his way of becoming a hunter, not that he is going to let anyone’s prejudice stop him.  Just when he starts off on the second step, Kane finds the female destined to be his mate—Jin.  Kane does not understand everything that has gone on with Jin and the other leopards, but he isn’t going to let anyone hurt her—not even the hunters who have reason to hate her.  Kane knows they belong together, now he just has to convince Jin—even if it means chasing her to do it.

A woman determined to regain her honor begins Vision Revealed.  Jin knows that her path could lead to her death, but she has to finally reveal the truth of many things from the past.  Kane has only a slim idea of what is behind Jin’s drive, but now he is her protector during her quest.  I could feel Jin’s need to right the wrongs so she could get on with her life.  I could also see that as Jin falls deeper in love with Kane, why she believes leaving is her only choice.  Kane’s fight to keep them together had me hopeful that Jin just might get her happy ending.  The end was perfect for Jin’s new beginning.  Vision Revealed proves, very erotically, that everyone deserves a second chance and a true love.

Now that I have read the entire Leopard Visions series, I can tell you that all the couples are strong willed and equally strong loving.  It is a series I am happy to have in my library and will re-read.  While the books in Leopard Visions can be read as stand alones, I would strongly suggest that you begin with the first one and go forward as they circle around each other.


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