Vision Lust by Lorie O’Clare

Leopard Visions, Book 4

Ellora’s Cave


ISBN: 9781419920172

Reviewed by Jo



Tore Mann, out of all the hunters, has been one the longest and he is the most powerful.  But when Tore decided to go after the female leopard he was craving, he quickly found that it would be no easy task.  He expected the attacks but when he knew he had to make her is mate, now Tore also has to find out what secret she is trying to hide from him and why she thinks so badly of hunters.

Maurie Sheridan is one tough leopard.  She has had to be to keep her littermates safe when their parents were killed long ago.  Maurie knows that most people, even her littermates, believe she is one cold-blooded bitch, and she can be.  When lust blindsided her with Tore, Maurie had serious decisions to make.  She could give in, well after he earns the right, but there is the job she is trying to get back and Tore is just soooo male. When someone she should have been able to trust places Maurie in danger, Tore just might be the only one who can keep her safe.

Take two equally determined leopards and you have sexual fireworks.  Vision Lust has Tore trying to asssert his dominance with Maurie, who knows all about dominate males.  Tore’s entire life is about being a hunter and he isn’t sure at first if he even wants to deal with someone who thinks very little of hunters.  Maurie might be a sister-in-law to a hunter but she still doesn’t think much of them right now.  The fireworks that sprung up from the moment Tore and Maurie met just developed into deeper flames as the snarling, clawing and sex went on.  Out of all the leopard couples that Ms. O’Clare has written of so far, Tore and Maurie had to work the hardest in my opinion and deserved their happy ending.  Vision Lust has an erotic plotline with a couple that you can’t help but root for.

While the books in Leopard Visions can be read as stand alones, I would strongly suggest that you begin with the first one and go forward as they circle around each other.


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