Vision Fulfilled by Lorie O’Clare

Leopard Visions, Book 2

Ellora’s Cave


ISBN: 9781419918407

Reviewed by Jo



Thad Pierce is a hunter, but today he is on a personal quest.  His sire is dead and Thad has been given his bar, Pierce’s Lair.  Thad has never gotten along with his sire and is surprised with this bequest.  Being a hunter—the upholders of peace, laws and protectors of his people—Thad is proud of what he does and has no desire to now own and run a bar. However, Thad is going to investigate the bar.  A bigger surprise for Thad is the sexy, fiery, red-headed female leopard who is on instant attack mode when he shows up.

Megan Porter has managed the bar for years and had an agreement with Thad’s sire to buy it.  She was very close to fulfilling the agreement when her dreams were pulled out from under her.  The bar was given to Thad.  Megan knows there was very little contact between them the entire time she has worked at the bar, but now has little choice but fight for the bar.  However, Megan is not going to make it easy for him and plans on spitting, clawing and proving just who should own the bar.  The only problem is that Thad smells so good and is one hot leopard.

Restoring honor is all Megan thinks about in Vision Fulfilled.  Thad has to check out the unexpected bequest from his sire, the bar, but he is much more interested in investigating what makes Megan purr.  Megan lost her honor once before when it was taken from her, she is not going to let some never talked of son come in take what is hers.  Megan and Thad exploded off the page from the instant they set eyes on each other.  I chuckled while watching Thad believe he was in charge while knowing the entire time that it was up to Megan on whether this couple would ever purr together.  Hot and spicy described how this pair of leopards clawed for dominance.  Vision Fulfilled is an erotic and exciting ride that shape-shifter lovers will want in their libraries.


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