Vision Controller by Lorie O’Clare

Leopard Visions, Book 3

Ellora’s Cave


ISBN: 9781419919145

Reviewed by Jo



Race Ogden is a hunter who loves the chase.—any type of chase. So, while visiting at his friends sanctuary for leopards, Race is extremely interested in the trio of sister leopards that have moved into a cabin there.  All three are hot, but the middle one catches his eye the most.  One night while hunting outside the sanctuary, Race discovers that there is more to these ladies than just the quiet cover they show the world.  Protecting his people is part of the job of a hunter and Race has no problems with protecting them—especially Karma.  If this gives him an in with the hot female, then more the better.

Karma Sheridan has traveled and taken on dangerous jobs to protect the leopards that come to them.  Karma and her sisters work for a secret group and they are willing to do and use anything to keep their cover and charges safe.  Karma, like a lot of leopards these days, doesn’t think much of the hunters.  After all, didn’t they show their true spots not long ago—and rumor had that it wasn’t for the side of good .  But once Race kisses her, all the rules change on Karma and she has to decide what is more important—her job or the love of a hunter.

Lust is the calling card that starts off Race and Karma’s story in Vision Controller.  Race chases, catches, and loses Karma only to discover that there is a smudge on the name of hunters in many eyes of his people.  Karma doesn’t really believe much good about hunters now until she tries to come to terms with how she reacts to Race.  The passion that snaps between Race and Karma keeps you wondering if they could find a way to mate.  It seemed to me that the fates were against them as first her job, and then her sisters, and then yet another thing tried to get between them.  But lust and passion can quickly become love when hearts become one, which is what I saw happen.     Another set of passionate leopards keep Vision Controller a page-turner that smokes.

While the books in Leopard Visions can be read as stand alones, I would strongly suggest that you begin with the first one and go forward as they circle around each other.


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