Virtual Attraction by Kira Stone

Changeling Press

Fantasy M/M Ė IR

ISBN: 978-1-60521-258-6

Reviewed by Lisa

Alex and Toby run a successful interior design firm as well as enjoying a fulfilling sexual partnership.  Paul is their new assistant and heís thrilled with the job but what Paul wants most is to join the men Ė in their bed.

For months Jaydin and Rufus have explored a sexual relationship together on line but now itís time to meet in person.  Thereís a bond between them on line Ėwhat will it really be like for them in person?

Andy Bower has a job interview set up with Toby but heís late because his car broke down.  Toby decides to teach Andy a lesson in tardiness while the interview is going on. Itís a lesson that Andy will never forget.

They meet on a new virtual reality interface. Today Val and Kyler are enjoying virtual time at a lakeside spot.  Together they plan to experience paradise.

Andy loves working with Toby and Alex plus the sexual fringe benefits are great but he longs for someone of his own.  Every time fellow employee Paul is near Andy has a hard time cause he canít help getting hard.  Being shy isnít getting him anywhere or anything.


Author Kira Stone lets her imagination run wild with five sensual, highly sexual interludes in Virtual Attraction.  Readers are treated to some interconnecting storylines and a couple of separate extra hot little tales as well.  Each of the tales are over so quickly that itís hard to be concerned about the characters. Also, because the stories have such potential itís tough to see them go so fast.  Virtual Attraction has smoking hot moments in each tale, solid writing talent and youíre going to wish there was more Virtual Attraction.


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