Virgin Special by Sharon Maria Bidwell

Aspen Mountain Press

Paranormal, M/M/F

ISBN: 978-1-60168-138-6

Reviewed by Raine



Ending his life seems easier than dealing with the loss of his fiancé Elaine, so James lets the ocean take him away. Cody pulls James from the the water, saving him. Cody couldn’t allow the human to take his life near his establishment, drawing attention to the area. He gives James over to the care of Seth and Hannah in hopes that they might heal one another’s pain—both having lost someone they loved.

Seth and Hannah lost their lover like James lost his fiancé—one he has never been with intimately—and both are desperate to be whole once again. In a path-crossing destiny, they find one other in a most unconventional manner that involves James being held against his will, Seth seething, and Hannah wistfully wishing things could be like they were in the past. Virgin Special is an unusual storyline that starts off very sadly but ends on a happy note. I found this story to just okay to some of the past stories I have read by Sharon Maria Bidwell, but still definitely worth reading.


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