VGL Male Seeks Same by Rick R. Reed

Amber Quill Press

Amber Allure

Contemporary, Light Bondage-D/s

ISBN: 978-1-60272-430-3

Reviewed by Raine



At forty-two, Ethan Schwartz is alone and without the prospect of a mate. He decides to try an online service after a co-worker has success. After posting a picture and information of himself, his self-esteem takes a hit when no one answers his ad.

Not expecting to meet anyone for a long-term relationship, Ethan decides to shake things up, and posts a picture of an incredibly gorgeous guy out of the area with his information instead one of himself. Ethan gets more responses than he bargains for, including one from a man he is enjoying talking with. Ethan finds himself caught in the lie and must now find a way to confess all to the man he is growing more attached to with each message posted.

I found Ethan to be whiny and depressing. When Brian is introduced through the web service, my only thought was, “How is Ethan going to get himself out of this mess and still have a relationship?”  I like the path VGL Male Seeks Same took and was pleasantly surprised at the outcome of the mens’ relationship once the lie was out in the open.


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