Unraveled by Jaci Burton

Samhain Publishing

Erotic Contemporary

ISBN: 978-1-60504-248-0

Reviewed by Nikita Steele



Mitch Magruder was always on the hunt for his next successful project.  While on vacation on a Florida beachfront where he grew up an idea stick him why not build one of his famous hotels right here?  Now, all Mitch had to do was to convince Greta Mason to sell her old rundown beachfront motel. Which proved to be easier said than done because Greta refused to even consider selling.

Greta Mason was trying to keep her head above water.  Divorced for five years with two pre-teen children, Greta was determined to make ends meet by maintaining and running the beachfront family motel that her deceased father left to her.  And, if that wasn't enough to deal with, Mitch Magruder, a big time entrepreneur and her brother's childhood friend, wanted to buy her motel.  He was willing to use whatever means necessary to come out on the winning end even if it meant using a little sexual persuasion.  Will Greta be able to stick to her guns by refusing to sell or will she fall under Mitch's spell?

Unraveled was a very hot read that quickly caught my attention.  Everything about the storyline from the beginning to the middle to the end was fantastic.  The characters were scorching and passionate. Greta was determined, sexy, and strong-willed. Her determination to hold what she held dear to her heart and to protect her children at all cost was truly spell-bounding.  Mitch was scrumptiously sexy, with an unrelenting personality that made him quite a fascinating character; while the sweetness and caring he showed towards Greta and her children made him that much more appealing.  The couple's sex scenes were steamy and oh so sweet.  I truly enjoyed this novel and I am sure any reader who dares to take a chance on this book will become Unraveled by this story.


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