Under Pressure by B.A. Tortuga

Road Trip, Book 3

Torquere Press

Erotic M/M Suspense

ISBN: 978-1-60370-661-2

Reviewed by Nannette



Sonny and MJ are retired, settling down from their latest adventure, when all hell breaks loose…again.

Kidnapping and killing someone is usually just another job for Cowboy. This time, things are different. The professor is sexy and feisty and just Cowboy’s type.  Cowboy soon discovers that there is something very different about his professor. Something he needs his old friend, MJ’s help with. Soon, MJ and Sonny’s vacation is put on hold again to help Cowboy and his easily angered boyfriend, which then leads them back to Paddy and Neil.  Turns out that MJ and Paddy aren’t the only members of the government’s secret experiment club. MJ is determined to stop them once and for all, but what if they get to him first? 

The Road Trip series should be read consecutively. Racing the Moon, Steam and Sunshine, then Under Pressure. There is just too much going on and too many details that will be missed if you don’t. Under Pressure picks up where   Steam and Sunshine leaves off. There are three couples. Two are leading peaceful lives (at the moment) and one has a little Stockholm Syndrome going on. Sometimes a little fight makes for good sex. Sonny and MJ get off on beating each other up - as in blood and black eyes.  They’re a blast. I love Sonny’s jealousy. I love that MJ doesn’t try to make Sonny jealous. I love all of his tattoos and his innate ability to make a bomb out of anything. Neil and Paddy are sappy but sweet lovers. Their mental connection is amazing.  Duncan’s out of body experiences are very cool and his possessiveness towards Cowboy is fun and sexy. Cowboy can take whatever Duncan gives him. They have this very interesting but basically unbelievable relationship that, at first, is just based on sex. Things do change, for the better.  

There is a lot of sex in Under Pressure, especially in the beginning. As the book unfolds, though, it helps outline the fact that they are relaxing and maybe making up for some lost time, or maybe they are just going at like the horn dogs they are. The story is very intriguing and gets even more so with each chapter. The sex lessens a bit, too, which is good, because there is such a thing as too much hot sex. Under Pressure has a very calculated plot that is brilliantly executed, but the ending left me totally hanging.  Sonny and MJ’s story isn’t finished by a long shot.


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