True Love and Other Disasters

True Love and Other Disasters by Rachel Gibson



ISBN: 978-0061579066

Reviewed by Talia Ricci



Ex-Playboy centerfold and stripper, Faith Duffy is now a widow.  She has just lost the only man that has ever seen past her beauty to the woman inside – her husband.  Surprised and shocked to find out that her husband left her his beloved hockey team in his will, Faith immediately decides to sell it to her dead husband’s son.  When their encounter turns sour, Faith changes her mind and goes with her gut. She is going to learn how to run the Chinooks, no matter who tells her she can’t.  And so Faith’s journey into self sufficiency begins.  The only thing standing in her way is Ty Savage, the Chinooks’ goalie. 

Ty sees the woman he thinks she is – a scheming gold digger and his biggest complaint. However, he can’t stop thinking about Faith.  He imagines her in his arms, his shower, and his bed.  That is what angers him the most.  Ty has a job to do – help the Chinooks win the Stanley Cup – and he is not about to let an ex-dancer ruin his chances.  It’s a good thing Ty doesn’t mind a change in plans because with just one kiss Faith becomes more important to him than he ever thought she would.  Ty suddenly sees past the outer façade to the woman beneath and he loves her.

Faith’s character is gutsy and while she lookes like a Barbie doll, she is anything but.  Faith is intelligent and genuinely a good person. Her plan to run her deceased husband’s hockey team is commendable.  What is even more remarkable are the sparks that begin to fly immediately between Faith and Ty Savage, the Chinooks’ team captain.  Ty’s a no-holds-barred hockey player with a plan.  Seeing the Stanley Cup in his future, he neither has the time nor the inclination to babysit the Widow Duffy while she plays at being a team owner.  He is totally and completely wrong about Faith, but one thing is certain – he wants her with every single beat of his heart.

True Love and Other Disasters is my first Rachel Gibson novel and I have to say that I am hooked and frantically reading her back list.  In fact, I am wondering what took me so long to read her in the first place!  Witty, moving, and chock full of powerful loves scenes, True Love and Other Disasters is brilliantly written.  It grabs you by the heart and keeps you reading.  I hated for True Love and Other Disasters to end but look forward to more releases from this highly talented author. 


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