Tooth and Claw by Annmarie McKenna

Samhain Publishing


ISBN: 978-1-60504-506-1

Reviewed by Jo



Paxton Tenor is a police detective—a pretty good one, too—and she has a serious dislike of all vampires since one killed her boyfriend.  It’s unfortunate that her partner is best friends with a very sexy vampire who also helps out the police when needed.  Paxton has avoided Seth for months now and has no plans to change her mind until the night they are forced to work together.

Seth Gramble is more than a vampire, more than royalty, he is one of the few vampires that can shapeshift.  Seth’s other self is a black jaguar.  Seth knew when he met Paxton that she was his mate, in fact both parts of him knew she was his mate.  After waiting six months for Paxton to warm up to him, Seth is now just going to go after his mate and show her that not all vampires are fiends.  This assignment seems like just the perfect way to show Paxton just what she is to him.

Tooth and Claw brings together a sexy, focused vampire and a police detective with a chip on her shoulder in a most erotic way.  Paxton and Seth come together with a sudden and extreme flashpoint.  The where had me chuckling, as someone who has worked in a police station.   Paxton and Seth were quickly learning just what fate had in store for them while solving a baffling case.  I reached the last page way too fast and truly hope that Ms. McKenna will bring them back for another visit.  The underlying humor and suggestive manner made Tooth and Claw and its characters a firm favorite and a story that paranormal lovers will want in their library.


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