Tomcat Jones by Willa Okati

Loose Id

Paranormal M/M

ISBN: 978-1-59632-913-3

Reviewed by Lisa



Thomas Cattrell Jones, otherwise known as T.J., leads a fairly simple life.  He teaches at the local college when their budget permits and has the very best of friends in Arden and Mr. Jontan. Oh, one other little thing – when he feels the urge T.J. can turn into a tabby cat.

MacGowan Smith has just moved into a new apartment complex hoping that the change in scenery will further eradicate memories of a love affair gone south.  His best friend Shavey lives nearby, which is another benefit of the relocation. 

When T.J. and MacGowan accidentally meet at the local grocery store it is lust at first sight.  There’s no way, however, that T.J. is going to tell a potential bed buddy that he can go furry at the drop of a hat.  But, when inexplicable things happen every time they get together it’s becoming harder to keep the secret.  A special bond exists between T.J. and MacGowan, yet T.J. fears the truth will destroy what they have.  Fate has a way, however, of spilling secrets whether you want them out or not.

Witty dialogue and hot lovemaking are just part of the entertainment found in Tomcat Jones.  Hilarious antics will have readers laughing out loud, yet there are also poignant moments to balance out the story.  The fast paced, snappy dialogue is great, but sometimes overwhelms the plot because there is so much back and forth talk.  Having said that, just make sure you keep up with the conversation.  Tomcat Jones is seriously funny.


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