Time Bikers by Carol McKenzie


Paranormal IR Ė M/M/F

ISBN: 978-1-60054-191-7

Reviewed by Lisa



Every 85 years the vampire Tap searches and procures a specific human to suck dry.  The humanís blood is the only way Tap can maintain his youthful looks and vigor.

The Green Dragon Society has authorized Nick Zirelli and his partner Craig Waters to destroy Tap.  Paired together over a year now the guys have always been heterosexual, but lately they have each felt something more. Something sexual for the other, however acting on those impulses is something else entirely.

Nick makes contact with Tyesha Sandoval since she will be Tapís next victim.  Things heat up between them and flare into a supernova when Craig enters the picture.  The men have a way to protect Tyesha, although convincing her isnít going to be easy.  Then again they donít know about her fantasies.

Ride into a completely unique story with Time Bikers.  The concept of men trained to police paranormal beings through time is a great idea.  The characters are engaging and the sensual lovemaking scenes are very hot. Unfortunately, I felt more like a distant observer as opposed to being involved in what was going on.  Also, the time travel society, Harleyís, and Inns are barely explained. The Time Bikers plotline truly intrigued me, but failed to keep me emotionally committed to being interested in the story.


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