Thursday’s Child by Andrew Grey

Children of Bacchus Story, Book 2

Dreamspinner Press

Fantasy M/M

ISBN: 978-1-935192-96-1

Reviewed by Lisa



Living secretly among the humans, Satyrs are able to disguise their differences so that they can mingle and co-exist without having to explain themselves or worry about being harmed.

Satyr mates Travis and Cembran own a small farm raising goats and sheep along with three younger Satyr lovers Dovino, Phillip and Jeremy.  A visit to the town’s annual carnival brings a horrifying discovery when they find a caged, chained Satyr with his horns and tail clearly showing.  The men are able to rescue the Satyr called Vauk but it will be a long time before he recovers from his lengthy captivity.

Raised by a single mother Trent Walters had a big shock in his teen years when he manifested horns and a tail.  Luckily for Trent he figured out a way to mask the odd features so that he could have a relatively normal life and later become a teacher.  At a recent graduation ceremony Trent meets the family and friends of his promising student Arthur Kraus.  For the first time in Trent’s life he meets other Satyrs but it is the one off by himself who intrigues Trent.

Trent finds himself drawn to the quiet loner Vauk.  There is a special connection slowly building that Trent and the tentative Vauk want to explore.  Someone, however is trying everything they can to ruin the budding relationship. The two Satyrs as well as their friends put their heads together to find an answer before someone comes to harm but, time seems to be running out fast.

Thursday’s Child will warm your soul with a heartwarming tale of romance and love plus some hot, sensual lovemaking scenes and a great mystery to boot.  The importance of communication, tenacity and forgiveness are strong messages in Thursday’s Child.  There is a bit too much descriptive narrative though which slows down the pacing sometimes.  But, Thursday’s Child is very entertaining with an adventure, love and a mystery. This one has it all!


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