Three for the Rodeo by Luxie Ryder

Ménage Amour

Siren Publishing


ISBN:  1-60601-470-6

Reviewed by Tanya



Sadie wants to ride broncos in the ring, and can’t understand why her best friends Kyle and Gabe are so against her doing it.  When she finally lets loose with her temper and lashes out at a local bar she hasn’t considered all of the consequences, or what it will mean to their relationship, as friends.  Sadie is rather shocked to learn that what changes might not be all that bad.  Now she has her hands full with a secret fantasy of hers and riding broncos might not be the only thing she wants.  She knows she might want something long term but how will that play out?

Three for the Rodeo is an interesting look into a ménage, which is not a lifestyle but more on a one time fantasy.  I think Ms. Ryder did a great job in setting the stage for making this scenario believable, not all writers of erotica are capable of doing this.  I enjoyed Three for the Rodeo and think you will also.


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