The Whole Deal by Lorne Rodman

Torquere Press

M/M Contemporary

ISBN: 978-1-60370-679-7

Reviewed by Ley



After loosing his leg in an accident, Denny can a bit unsteady on his feet at times, even with his prosthetic leg.  Sometimes thatís a good thing, especially when he lands in the lap of a very attractive stranger.  Robin didnít seem to have a problem with Denny using him to break his fall, as a matter of fact, he wouldnít mind if Denny wanted to use him for all sorts of things.

Robin lived a drifterís life. He liked wandering with no strings stopping him from picking up and moving whenever the urge struck.  Meeting Denny had him wanting to stick around longer than usual and that both excited him and frightened him at the same time.  Will his fear of being tied down cause him to abandon what he was building with Denny or will the excitement and pleasure Denny brought to his life be enough to make him stick around?

The Whole Deal is an absorbing story of a couple of free spirited misfits who found something special within each other.  Denny used to be more of a free spirit like Robin until his accident forced him to settled down a bit.  He didnít expect things to get serious with Robin, for one he could see Robin had a roaming spirit and two, he wasnít sure how Robin would handle his limitations. Ironically it was Robinís emotional limitations that stood in the way of their relationship.  I really enjoyed The Whole Deal. The chemistry and affinity between these guys was fun, hot, and very sexy with mild BDSM. The Whole Deal was an entertaining story well worth reading.


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