The Toast Bitches by Sandra Cormier

Ravenous Romance


ISBN: 978-1-60777-100-5

Reviewed by Tanya



Dempster Media is the setting for four very different women (Paige, Connie, Pepper and Hana) to meet and become friends.  They call their little group “The Toast Bitches” as when they gossip and commiserate it is over tea and toast during work breaks.  When one leaves the company the women, while still meeting during break, also add Paige’s cottage in the woods.  Though when they venture to a girls weekend at the cottage it is over cocktails and the conversations get a bit racier.

Pepper has abandoned her domesticated life and is now flitting from man to man looking for the perfect man to balance her out.  Will she find a new man or will she figure out she had him all along, and just didn’t see it?

Connie is stunned when her possessive and jealous husband up and leaves her for another woman.  She had been with him for so long, will she be able to let her inhibitions go and let a new man into her life, or potentially miss out on the hunky man of her daydreams.

Paige has been married forever and now it seems like they are moving in different directions.  Everyone thinks she has the perfect life but have they both just taken too many things for granted and lost sight of each other?

Hana has lusted after the hot co-worker for a long time.  When she finally gets her chance to be with him things aren’t as good as she had imagined.  Now she is afraid to share with the others that he wanted her to do things that were way outside of her comfort zone.  But, when she calls the relationship off and he seems to be stalking her not only do her friends come to her support but just possibly it will make the one man who could be her true love show his feelings for her.

To find out how all four women deal with their personal struggles and group intrigue then you need to pick up The Toast Bitches.

Sandra Cormier does a wonderful job of intertwining the lives of The Toast Bitches into a fun and intriguing romance.  I love that each thinks the others life might be perfect but in reality they all have issues they are dealing with.  I think Ms. Cormier is able to make all the characters intriguing without ignoring any one of them.  The element of intrigue that is added to the story only makes it better in my mind.  I think The Toast Bitches is a story that any woman with work friends will be able to appreciate.  I also love the name of the book and how it fits with the story.  I look forward to reading more from Ms. Cormier.


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