The Thing About Elves by Lynn Crain

Santaís Elves Series, Book Two

eXtasy Books

Fantasy, Erotic Romance

ISBN: 978-1-55410-746-9

Reviewed by Patrice F.



Two years ago, Angela Hudsonís best friend and sister, Tessa Winston, fell in love and married an elf, Jedrick Lochlin.  The couple is expecting twins and Tessa is experiencing a difficult pregnancy.  So Angie is staying at the North Pole to offer her nursing skills by assisting with the delivery.  Sheís also making the most of being close to Ardan Lochlin, Tessaís scrumptious brother-in-law.  As far as Angie is concerned, heís perfect for her.  Theyíre both passionate about their careers, devoted to their family and determined to use their skills to bring help to those in need of medical attention.

So what the heck is Ardanís problem?

Ardan has no use for humans; he feels nothing but contempt for them.  Humans have no sense of honor, and Ardan is not willing to risk his heart with one.  He knows that Angie doesnít fit into this category except for the fact that she is human.  Still, the harder he tries to resist being with her, the more his elf instincts take over.

After reading The View from Santaís Sleigh, I didnít guess that Lynn Crainís series could get steamier.  Boy, was I totally wrong!   This author pulls out all the stops in The Thing About Elves when it comes down to boiling hot sex.  Although they might be making toys at the North Pole, Angie and Ardan are creating molten lava heat between the sheets.  The sex is so blistering that it could increase global warming on a good loving scale.  Sex-on-more-sex, briefly aside, Iím charmed by it all.  Ms. Crain has managed to convey a strong sense of family, tradition and a 365-days-a-year holiday vibe into the narrative.  The Lochlin family is large so itís major points to the author that everyone is remarkable and interesting. Throw in a liberal dash of Celtic lore, terms and phrases, and it just keeps getting richer.


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