The Redeeming by Shiloh Walker

Samhain Publishing

Sensual Paranormal

ISBN 978-1-60504-616-7

Reviewed by Nannette



Can evil have a conscience? Lilan is born of pure evil and yet she protects those she is supposed to hurt. As a result, she is given a small chance to become what she wants rather than what she was born from. On Earth, Adamm Cochran is given the same opportunity.  

Adamm wakes in a hospital bed, not as himself but as Jonah MacLean. His nurse Lily Conrad is more than she claims to be. Jonah senses Lilyís magic and he fears it will draw the attention of those wishing to harm her. Lily and Adamm are going to have to work together. Their lives are not the only ones hanging in the balance anymore.

Lily and Jonah have the daunting task of fighting evil in The Redeeming. They face demons and their own fears as they fight for anotherís soul. In the process, they get what they have always wanted for themselves. The Redeeming is a flawlessly written tale where good triumphs over evil.


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