Therapeutic Relations by Shara Azod and Raelynn Blue

Lulu Press

Contemporary Erotic Romance, I/R

Reviewed by Patrice F.



Dr. Tanya Morris decides to take sex therapist, Dr. Takashi Nakamura, up on his offer to for a session.  After all, Dr. Nakamura knows his stuff.  Tak is her best friend and her business partner so it’s a perfect arrangement.  While lying on his couch pouring her heart out, Tanya gets more than she bargained for when everything explodes into an inferno of passion.  Afterwards, the beautiful physician understands that things between them cannot progress to the next level.  What she fails to see is a very determined male intent on claiming his woman and convincing her that he is playing for keeps.

I genuinely liked Tanya and Takashi in this fiery little story. Therapeutic Relations is sweet and spicy, while covering various issues that trouble interracial relationships without being preachy and long-winded. Now, let’s move on to my ‘issues’. A good editor could do wonders with this piece.  The wording and sentence structure was sometimes very awkward, which is very distracting and made reading this difficult at best.  I’m sure I’m not the only person who noticed that the title is misspelled.  Too much time was spent on the sex play, and no matter how hot, it shouldn’t be counted on to carry the bulk of the action and plot.  The romantic gestures were a bit clichéd, but cute.  This doesn’t mean this is a poor story, it just needs some polish.  The overall framework is solid and the characters have depth and identity.  These are major aspects that no author can conceal, sex, angst, and conflict aside.  Lastly, there is resolution and a tender and conventional HEA that’s hearts and flowers through and through.


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