Theirs to Capture by Shelli Stevens

Samhain Publishing


ISBN: 978-1-60504-480-4

Reviewed by Jo



Delilah is a princess who has had to be strong and independent, and is now having the rug pulled out from under her.  She is told by her father that he is arranging her marriage to two menóone a childhood friend and the other, and arrogant strangeróall in an attempt to unite two kingdoms with their Falcon Kingdom.  She canít believe he is doing that...

Pierce is a prince of the Tiger Kingdom and Jason is a prince of the Lion Kingdom.  They have been a couple for quite a while and have decided that Delilah is just the person to make their triad.  Itís just too bad she isnít willing to go along with the deal.

On what should have been their wedding day, Delilah has changed the plans.  She has taken flight and now Pierce and Jason will have to track down and capture their mate.  Will this be a true bonding triad or will Delilahís instant dislike of the idea and her partners doom it before it begins?

Theirs to Capture brings three very different shifters into mating.  At least two of them are happy about it, however, Delilah is determined to escape her fate.  I found the sexual encounters to be erotic and when they finally do join in a true mating it brought them together as a whole like the Pierce and Jason always wanted.  After reading the blurb and with the way the Delilah began, I expected more from her than weakly giving in.  It is obvious that her anger was just a way of showing shock at her future.  That being said, Theirs to Capture is an erotic story, perfect to while away an afternoon or evening.


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