The Harem Boy by Jay Lygon

Torquere Press

Contemporary M/M

ISBN: 978-1-60370-742-8

Reviewed by Lisa



Other people at the college where Ophir is a professor would most likely be shocked if they ever learned of the life he leads at home.  In the privacy of his home Ophir is a Master Dominant with a small harem of slave ‘boys’.  Fate has brought a student, Chris Lewis to Ophir’s notice and interest.  There is something about Chris that calls to Ophir but will Chris answer that call for submission?  The choice is not for the Master to decide this time but the submissive.

The Harem Boy is a teasing tale of the D/s lifestyle on the one hand, desire and lust on the other.  A deft hand with the writing style makes The Harem Boy more than the average D/s tale too.  Well written steamy, hot sex between the characters amps up the heat factor in The Harem Boy.  Readers can enjoy a gentler walk on the wild side with The Harem Boy.


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