The Gladiator by Marianne LaCroix

New Concepts Publishing

Time-travel, Historical Erotic Romance

Reviewed by Patrice F.



Julia Williamson worked week after week to translate ancient Roman scrolls in her care. After reciting the decoded verse aloud, she is transported back in time, quickly coming to the realization that words were magic.  She awakes to find out she is just in time for a scheduled rendezvous with the gladiator, Marcus, a man she has traveled time and space for.  The fierce arena champion is restrained by chains; this does not deter their passion for one another in the least.  For years, Marcus has waited for this moment, burying his forbidden love for woman of his dreams, willing sacrifice everything in the moment.  

Searing the pages from their very first encounter, Julia and Marcus forge a bond tested by danger and adversity.  The Gladiator places them at a historical pulse point that would make history buffs green with envy, while cowering in fear.  Historical details breathe virtual life into the setting, as the lovers are swept into a spiraling, emotional rollercoaster controlled by the merciless decadence of the era.  Politics and plots, avarice and ambition, converge and combine to make for a story that packs a wallop in a brief expanse that’s perfectly captured in Ms. LaCroix’s superb descriptions. 

The Gladiator combines the best elements of romance, action, intrigue, and Roman debauchery found in golden cinema oldies, Caligula, Spartacus, Cleopatra, and Ben-Hur.  Of course, red-hot visions of Russell Crowe will dance in your head, too.  It just can’t be helped.


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