The Enchantress by Morgan Ashbury

Book 2: Song of the Sirens

Siren Publishing

Erotic Romance

ISBN: 1-60601-365-3

Reviewed by Chris



When asked about her job,Twyla Harper tells acquaintances and one-night-stands that she’s in Acquisitions. In reality, she’s a sophisticated thief with morals. Her clients range from insurance agents to rich men looking for revenge. Unfortunately for her, Nicholas Coultrain is neither.

Nick Coultrain, a former Marine, owns Coultrain Inc, a security installation firm. Not only is his best client, Roland Mercury, robbed, but the police and Roland think it’s an inside job. That leaves Nick nearly bankrupt and clients deserting him like rats jumping a sinking ship. In desperation, he attempts to find out who cracked the safe. His snooping leads him not only to Twyla, but into Twyla’s arms…and bedroom.

The problem? Twyla didn’t steal the necklace lifted from Roland Mercury. But in order to catch a thief, sometimes you have to be one.

I can’t say much more without spoiling a good chunk of the plot, but suffice to say, Morgan Ashbury has managed to craft a very rare ménage: a well written short story accompanied by steamy sex and a plausible uncontrived plot. Twyla and Nick (despite the Marine he-man reference--why can’t tax accountants become security specialists?) come across as sensible (for their line of work) human beings who don’t do stupid things just to further the plot.

Having picked up book two without reading book one or three, I can say Ms. Ashbury has convinced me to search out book one and keep my eyes open for book three. The reader is not inundated with back story nor bombarded with hints of the next story to come. My only gripe is that the villains come across as shallow and flat. After taking the time to create a decent hero, heroine, and appropriate secondary characters, I was disappointed by the easy-to-guess villain. The plot twist at the end does make up for this lack, so don’t overlook The Enchantress just because of that flaw.


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