The Drakhom Taboo II by Celia Jade

Fantasy Games Series

eXtasy Books

Contemporary, Paranormal

Reviewed by Patrice F.



Bianca Conti is very certain of her abilities as marketing manager.  Sheís ambitious and determined with the track record to back it up.  So it comes as a terrible blow to lose the designing project with Shield Communications when the owner, Devon Slane, decides to go with another firm.  Heís everything she despises in a man: arrogant, ruthless and far too good-looking.  He needs to be taken down a peg or two for trying to manipulate her under the guise of business.  Bianca fails to anticipate that a Drakhom male is more than willing to meet the challenge, especially when itís a woman he craves.

Celia Jadeís clean precise writing, to-die-for men and exuberant women make my heart sing.  The Drakhom Taboo II is as savory and lustrous as dark chocolate cake with an extra dollop of whipped cream sprinkled with red pepper. Sweetness with a bite! Everything is straight and to the point; the battle of the sexes takes on a keener edge when applied to Biancaís and Devonís rules of engagement.  They crossed swords verbally and matched wits until I wasnít certain who would win.  Bah!  Who cares? The battle raged hot and the end result was a feisty and fiery tumble between the sheets, Drakhom style, of course.  Nothing could go wrong then, and as always, Ms. Jade delivers.  I was pleased with this second helping and admit to being seduced by the elusive world of the half-human, half-vampire Drakhom.  You wonít be breaking any taboos by reading these stories but youíll wish there were a few Drakhom around to tempt you.


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