The Doctorís Patience by Stormy Glenn

Lovers of Alpha Squad, Book 2

Siren Publishing

Contemporary M/M

ISBN: 1-60601-405-6

Reviewed by Lisa



Dr. Daniel Evans sees to the medical needs of a unique squad of Navy Seals.  Over time the men have become his friends as well.  One in particular however, has become his own secret torment because Daniel has fallen in love with him.  The problem is that the object of his desire and love is straight and thatís a big problem for the gay man.

Sam McKenzie and his twin brother Sky joined the military, the Seals to escape their domineering and controlling wealthy father.  All Samís sexual experiences have been okay since his first time but heís at a loss as to why being around the Doc turns him hard as a rock instantly.  Heís not gay so what gives?

When Samís father threatens to harm Sky unless Sam marries and produces an heir Sam doesnít see a way out.  What makes it even more difficult is that he is beginning to accept his feelings for Daniel.  Itís up to Daniel to make Sam fully understand what true love is and how much it truly matters.

Author Stormy Glenn explores gay relationships and true love in The Doctorís Patience.  Mixed signals and a complex plot with a large cast are a major part of this Navy Seals series.  The big cast and occasional mention of things never explained takes away from this storyline but it can still be understood as a stand alone book.  Also, there are too many unnecessary typos.  The Doctorís Patience has some hot moments, major misunderstandings and a sweet romance.


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