The Best Revenge by Andrew Grey

Dreamspinner Press

Gay Contemporary

ISBN: 978-1-935192-68-8

Reviewed by Cassie



Tyler OíConnor, owner of Tylerís Antiques, is pleased to get a call from a woman who wants to sell some antiques.  At her house that evening, he purchases several items from her and meets her son, Mark Burke.  Heís even more pleased when Mark shows up at his store a few days later and asks him out. 

They go to dinner, and everything seems perfect, at least until Mark shows up at Tylerís store a few days later, dripping wet and upset.  He tells Tyler his mother kicked him out of her house after she found out about Mark and Tylerís date.  Tyler offers Mark a place to stay, and Mark agrees.  Will this be the end of Tyler and Markís fledgling relationship, or the beginning of something even better?

The Best Revenge is a sweet tale of two men who get what they need in an unexpected way.  Tyler and Mark are likeable characters, both hurt by the way others treated them but both able to move forward and embrace love and happiness when itís offered to them.  There are a lot of interesting characters, such as Markís family members and Tylerís friends.  The conflicts are pretty standard, dealing with Markís bigoted brother and family rejection, but they still kept my interest.  Overall, The Best Revenge was enjoyable but I didnít love it.  The dialogue was often stilted and unnatural, and at some points everything just seemed too perfect.


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