The Baby Interview by Bobbie Terman

Wild Rose Press


ISBN: 9781601544797

Reviewed by Talia Ricci



Lucy Chaple is delivering flowers to one of her best customers, Cole Donovan.  Meeting him for the first time, she is charmed by his hesitant but thoughtful questions as well as his invitation to dinner.  She is flattered that a man such as he would like to spend time with her.  Meeting for dinner, they spend the time getting to know one another.  It is during this time that Lucy is horrified to find out just exactly why Cole asked her out and it wasn't because he wanted to wine and dine her.  He just wants her to have his baby and then walk out of his life.  Lucy tells him to pretty much hold his breath.

Cole and Lucy had a lot of outside interference that led to them having a difficult relationship.  I liked Cole very much he was straightforward and captivating.  Lucy had to grow on me I often found her reactions childish and not those of an independent businesswoman.  Sensual love scenes in The Baby Interview were much welcomed and I was happy to see Cole and Lucy fall in love.  The Baby Interview is a good read just overlook Lucy's temper tantrums and her constantly changing attitude.


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