Tender Awarded by Chris Owen

Used, Rare & Custom Jobs, Book 3

Torquere Press

Contemporary M/M

ISBN: 978-1-60370-751-0

Reviewed by Lisa



Desmond is a book store owner and his partner Wyatt is a college professor. Together they have a solid, committed relationship.  Archie, a small business contractor and Dave, a skilled carpenter among other things, work together, play together and live together.  The four men have managed to find a special dynamic and blend their love for each other.

The firehouse conversion Archie and Dave jointly own and work on is coming along quite well.  At the same time there are still a few bumps and hiccups between the four men as they continue to figure out what works best for each couple.  Communication is the key here so Wyatt needs to speak up before something small becomes a big problem for them all.

Fans will enjoy another glimpse into the lives of these great characters in Tender Awarded.  New readers are sure to get hooked and look up past stories to fully savor this series.  The Used, Rare & Custom Jobs series has been fun to read from beginning to end.  Tender Awarded is lower key than previous tales but heats up in a steamy bathtub scene and overall itís definitely just as rewarding. I will miss these guys!


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