Tempting Darkness by Jamieson Wolf

The Other, Book 1

Cobblestone Press

Paranormal M/M

ISBN: 978-1-60088-433-7

Reviewed by Lisa



Long ago Kaden was changed from a young man to something special, something other.  Tonight Kaden is running for his life even while his heart weeps at the loss of his parents and sister.  They have been murdered by the beings currently hunting Kaden.

A job as a New York cabbie has its ups and downs for Luke.  So, when he sees a guy obviously in trouble getting beaten up by two strange looking men Luke has to step in and help.  The decision to defend Kaden brings Luke into a world of Immortals both good and evil.  There are no regrets however for Kaden and Luke as a bond has already begun forming between them.  Kaden will do whatever he must to protect the Key of Wisdom from evil and Luke will do what he must to protect Kaden, even if that means his life.

Tempting Darkness offers unique paranormal characters and some very steamy sexual encounters between the heroes.  Kaden and Luke are endearing, hot and honorable.  I did find it somewhat disconcerting for Kaden to be referred to as ‘boy’ much of the time considering the sexual scenes in the story.  Also, the pacing seemed uneven at times which made it less easy to enjoy.  Tempting Darkness has some solid moments with the characters and several interesting paranormal beings and a curious mystery unfolding in this first tale.


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