Tally’s Gift by Elle Amery

Ravenous Romance

Erotic Contemporary

ISBN: 978-1-60777-029-9

Reviewed by Talia Ricci



As a favor to her best friend, Tally Bennett agrees to help her friend’s brother, Brett Huntsman, recuperate from a horrible skiing accident.  Tally knows that it won’t be easy caring for Brett – he is spoiled, vain, and pretty much used to having things his way or no way.  Plus, there is the added complication of Tally’s feelings for Brett.  She has loved this man for longer than she wants to admit to.  With Brett nothing is easy – Tally knows this and accepts this.  When they come together in a blaze of passion so hot their sheets should be scorched, Tally knows that their time together is short.  Brett would never love and accept a straightforward country girl like Tally, would he?

Reviewing Tally’s Gift is extremely difficult for me.  Never before have I ever hated a hero more than I hate Brett Huntsman.  More than once I could picture myself as Tally smothering him with a pillow.  Out of commission with a broken leg and other injuries, instead of being grateful for the help that Tally is striving to give him, Brett decides to be a petulant and annoying jerk.  He is demanding, sarcastic, and basically every single facet of his personality was unlikeable.  I hated him at the beginning of Tally’s Gift, and I hated him at the end.  No matter that he did redeem himself by falling in love with Tally. 

Tally’s Gift was well written and the love scenes were scorching hot.   I liked the idea of the plot very much – being a nursemaid to a good looking man has a naughty feel to it.  But that is the only thing I liked.  Unless you are a fan of petulant juvenile acting heroes, I would suggest skipping Tally’s Gift. 


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