Studs and Spurs by J.L Langley, Dakota Flint, Kiernan Kelly, Angela Fiddler

MLR Press

Erotic M/M Western Anthology

ISBN 978-1-934531-55-6

Reviewed by Nannette



“The Convenient Husband” by J.L. Langley

Micah has been an extended member of Tucker’s family since he was a young boy. The Bar D has become Micah’s life, so when the family is faced with losing it, Micah reluctantly turns to Tucker for help. However, Tucker spends more time in the city than at the ranch. Micah has been in love with Tucker forever. Tucker’s solution may save the ranch, but it might break Micah’s heart in the process.

JL Langley does an excellent job making “The Convenient Husband” a thorough and interesting story even though it’s short. The chemistry between Micah and Tucker is intense and they have as many fun scenes as passionate ones. “The Convenient Husband” is a tender love story with an ending that is heartwarming for one couple and heart wrenching for another.


“Seeing You” by Dakota Flint

It’s been fourteen months since Dylan’s brother, Simon, died.  Dylan hasn’t been home since. Time has faded some of the pain, but not the guilt for Dylan. Since Simon’s death, Simon’s lover Wade has not been able to move on.  When Dylan comes home, he intends to make Wade realize that life is still worth living. He wishes it were with him. Loving his brother’s partner may be wrong, but having Simon reject him would be even worse.

“Seeing You” is a wonderful, heart-warming story about finding love again. Dakota Flint pens a story rich in heart-felt emotion.  The pain and loss Dylan and Simon feel is tangible as is the happiness they eventually find. “Seeing You” is a beautiful, sensual, and angst-filled love story.


Judas Steer by Kiernan Kelly

Granger Blue is driving a herd to Oregon Territory. He’s running from his past after a bitter parting from his former lover Sinopa. Things change when Granger meets young Billy Bower. Granger takes Billy under his wing and soon the men are sharing more than a tent at night. Sinopa is watching though, and he is hell-bent on revenge.

Granger and Sinpoa‘s story is not a cut and dry, good guy vs. bad guy story. I had mixed emotions about Sinopa.  And while Granger and Billy find something special in each other’s arms, it felt a bit superficial. “Judas Steer” is a good story with a genuine Old West feel.


“Forgotten Favor” by Angela Fiddler

Jake and Mark almost had a future together six years ago, but Mark’s father and unfortunate circumstances changed that. Just when Mark thinks he’s lost it all, Jake walks back into his life. Circumstances may have not have changed for them, but this time, Mark intends to go after what he wants.

Why is it that there is usually suffering before you find happiness? The pain is worth it for Mark and Jake. They find something wonderful in the midst of trouble. “Forgotten Favor” is a story of second chances and finding long overdue happiness.

From finding new love, to seeing what’s always been right in front of you, Studs and Spurs is a compellation of stories with love, lust, and sexy cowboys by four well versed authors. 


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