Stone and Fire by Cindy Spencer Pape

Heroes of Stone, Book 3

Elloraís Cave


ISBN: 9781419921759

Reviewed by Jo



Dana Logan is a half-dragon who also works with antiques.  At a friendís wedding, she meets this very sexy gargoyle, Beau Dumont, who is one of the gargoyle police.  After a very pleasant and erotic evening, they separate, unsure if they will see each other again.

Months later, Dana has a lead on an antique that has been missing from the gargoyle clans.  After alerting them, she expects that someone will contact her.  Dana is very surprised when that person is Beau and further surprised to discover that he has been as affected by their night as she was.  Could something have happened besides a sensual and erotic encounter?

Beau and Dana have to go undercover to try to get into the group who has hot antiques.  But just when it appears all might be in their corner, Dana and Beau discover that it is supernaturals that are running the group and they know just how to deal with other supernaturals.  When your enemies know your weak points, itís never an even fight.  But do they really know everything about Beau and Dana and will the enemies knowledge be enough to destroy any hope Beau and Dana have for a future together?

Sometimes what you donít know could bind you forever.  In Stone and Fire, Dana and Beau meet at a mutual friendís wedding and explore their attraction to each other.  But when they are brought back together again, both realize that something else must have happened that night.  Danger surrounds Dana and Beau while they try to recover a lost antique.  I loved the humor and passion that seemed to follow both Dana and Beau from the moment they met.  There were several times I wasnít sure they would remember that they were on a mission to find an object, but then they would become responsible again by stomping down the flames for awhile.  The final battle showed me that intelligence, cunning and love when combined can overcome almost anything.  I was enthralled while watching the mutual bonding between Dana and Beau.  It was both sensual and erotic while truly loving.  Stone and Fire is a great balance of humor, eroticism and danger that you will want to revisit over and over again.


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