Stolen Earth by Loribelle Hunt

Delroi Connection, Book 3

Liquid Silver Books


ISBN: 978-1-59578-532-9

Reviewed by Lisa



Artist, spy and assassin Britt Anderson has traveled from Earth to the planet Delroi to visit her two best friends Laney and Kendall.  When she arrives spymaster Barak Trace takes one look at Britt and somehow manages to link their minds. 

Days later Britt finds herself sneaking around Saber City in the Southern territory searching for the kidnapped spymaster.  Britt has some questions for Barak and she’s not leaving until she finds him and gets some answers.  The rebellion can wait until they work things out. 

The future is bold, bright and sizzling in Stolen Earth.  The third book in the Delroi Connection by imaginative author Loribelle Hunt is comfortable as a stand alone story even with multiple references to characters from past tales.  The two main characters spend a lot of time having hot and heavy sexual encounters as Stolen Earth unfolds.  Secondary characters Falkor and Janice also add a nice touch to the tale although the many typos are an irritant.  Stolen Earth tells of a rebellion, a family reunion and some steamy loving in a fun, creative way sure to please fans and new readers to the series.  Definitely a welcome addition, Stolen Earth delivers.


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