Stolen Desires by Stormy Glenn

Tri Omega Mates, Book 4

Siren Publishing

Paranormal M/M/M

ISBN: 1-60601-492-7

Reviewed by Lisa



For close to five years now Saul Hunter has left his home every Friday evening telling his mate Ryce Hunter that he was going out to get laid.  Saul doesn’t return home until Saturday morning, exhausted and quiet.

Ryce decides to go out to a bar himself after Saul leaves once again on a Friday night.  If Saul can do it then so can Ryce.  What Ryce doesn’t expect to find is that he has a Tri Omega mate too when he spots Carrington ‘Cary’ Jones.

With a special mate like Cary however, there are possible problems.  Ryce has no trouble permanently claiming Cary but Saul must claim him as well for a true tri-mating to occur.  Ryce and Saul already have big problems so adding Cary to the mix might spell disaster for an already teetering mating.   What if Saul refuses to claim Cary?  What that would mean for the three of them is unthinkable.

Sexy wolves and carnal lovemaking gives readers exactly what they are looking for in Stolen Desires.  This is the fourth story in the Tri Omega Mates series and can be read as a stand alone tale.  The romance between Ryce and Cary is tender when needed and rough when necessary.  Also, the emotional turmoil Saul experiences is felt in Stolen Desires.  I think that editing out a bit ¾ of the way through would have kept the suspense and secret more interesting.  It takes too long to find out Saul’s big secret which takes away from an otherwise very enjoyable tale.  Having said that, fans of the series won’t be disappointed and new readers are certain to find Stolen Desires very entertaining!


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