Stilettos, Inc. by Lexi Ryan

Ravenous Romance

Romantic Suspense

ISBN: 978-1-60777-142-5

Reviewed by Jo



Darian Lorring is on assignment, one that could have been worse since it involves watching one of the sexiest females he knows.  Darian is an agent for the Specials Intelligence Agency and he is one of a team set up to watch the ladies of Stilleto’s Inc.  The Agency and Darian would like them to come in and work for them, but so far, no luck.  The assignment is causing Darian problems because he just can’t wrap his head around the information that any of the ladies, especially Paige, would become paid assassins.

Paige Sykes is a member of Stiletto’s Inc. and an empath.  Paige knows that for some reason her company is being watched by the Agency, but nothing is going to stop them from completing their assignment.  Paige is also trying to figure out what happened to her mother ten years ago; this assignment just might give her the answer.  Now she has another huge problem—the sexy SIA agent she spent the night with during a vacation.  Just what is he really up to?

If having to deal with flaming emotions isn’t enough, Darian and Paige will have to find a way to work together along with the others in their teams to discover a danger threatening the President or is that the Specials?  Intelligence is unclear.  The Stilettos ladies are willing to work with who ever will help solve this case, but the Agency men are turning out to be just as chauvinistic as they are sexy.  As the mission goes on, it becomes clear that at least two of the Stiletto ladies ex’s might be closely involved.  It’s going to take trust on all parts to solve this case and come out intact, but are all the parties ready and willing to give it?

Three sexy women who can kick ass meet their matches or is it the other way around?  In Stilettos, Inc. while all of them have to face fallout from this assignment, Paige is the focus.  Paige has tried to take care of her younger sister, discover what happened to her Mom, and do her job—all successfully—for several years now.  Darien is new to the secret agent business but he came with a background that means he can get his man or woman in this case.  I loved how not only did we get to see how the ladies used everything at hand to get the job done, but also we got to see the struggles and life problems as the pages went on.  Darien knows what he was told for this mission, but it just doesn’t jive with what he knows personally about Paige.  Watching them have to finish their mission while mapping a way to advance their relationship, enhanced the entire plot from beginning to end.  Stilettos, Inc. rocks with its humor, suspense, danger and of course hot, sexy characters. 


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