Something Faery Special by C.S. Chatterly

Total-e-Bound Publishing


ISBN: 978-1-907010-16-3

Reviewed by Jo



Shea Fitzpatrick is fulfilling her deceased grandfatherís wish and is visiting his homeland, Ireland.  Car trouble puts her up against three nasty brothers until a savior comes roaring up on a bike.  Shea is not really sure it she has been saved or is now in even worse trouble.  But this man is more than sexy and Shea decides to give him the benefit of doubt.

Rory Finnegan is an earth faery looking for the next tourist to play the faery game with.  Rory is the leader of his Troop and one of the few single men in it.  Rory decided that Shea would be perfect and takes her to his hideaway.  Well, Rory thinks so until he gets to know Shea and he canít quite find it in his heart to go with the plan. 

Shea decides to throw caution to the wind and seduce her Irishman.  That works out better than she would have thought until the night she discovers that her sexy tour guide and lover is very special indeed.  Rory tells Shea everything and they try to go on as they were, knowing it would only be for a short time.  But having something special that will disappear makes things hard on both of them, and Rory and Shea decide to go through with the last part of the game, thinking it will help.  When the holiday is over and Rory and Shea separate, will Ireland just be a lovely memory or will Shea find the magic of love trumps the magic of Faery?

Take one adventurous American tourist and one sexy male faery and find out what true magic really is.  Something Faery Special has Shea discovering the land where her grandparents came from.  Rory has spent hundreds of years entertaining himself and his Troop with their favorite faery game.  When magic is thrown into the mix, I found that all creatures in the world have to give in when the love bug bites.  I loved that even when faery magic tried to smooth things over, it became apparent that there was another type of magic that was stronger, and had already decided the outcome.  The final act of love between Rory and Shea could have been deadly but I would have made the same choice for that depth of love.  Something Faery Special is a special fantasy that will have a permanent place in your keeper library.


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