Somber Resplendence by Mandy M. Roth

Elloraís Cave


ISBN: 9781419922008

Reviewed by Jo



Aland Werner is a police detective and a warrior of another world.  Not long ago, while helping his partner and follow warrior in protecting his mate, Aland discovered his own mate.  Unfortunately, he has also found out that others from his world, men who donít follow the rules, have known where she has been for a long time.

Sidney Fisher knew very early in life that she would have to protect her sister and cousin from renegade warriors from another world.  Her solution was to be placed in a mental ward. This didnít stop the men from finding her and trying to get her to come with them, but it has protected her loved ones. 

When Aland comes into Sidneyís small and confined world, Sidney finds what she has never experienced during her lifeópassion.  Aland stops at nothing to claim and rescue his mate from the danger that has surrounded her for years.  Sidney knows now that her sister is safe from the renegade warriors, but is she ready to face the world and all that Aland represents? 

Somber Resplendence brings a warrior and his mate together.  Sidney knew she had to protect those she loved and therefore set herself up to be tormented by renegades.  Aland never expected to find his mate on Earth, much less discover she was the sister of his partnerís mate.  Aland is determined to get Sidney out of the hospital and under is protection.  I could understand why Sidney put herself through years of torment, but I was with Aland all the way on needing to get her out and discover what life and love had to give her.  Until the very end, I was not sure if Aland and Sidney really would become mates.  However, I found I had not given love enough credit.  Somber Resplendence is a wonderful way to escape for a summer evening.

Somber Resplendence is a brilliant sequel to Pisces Phenomenon, which tells Sirius and Phoebe story.  They should be read in order.


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