She’s the One by Riley Ashford

By the Numbers, Book 3

Changeling Press

Paranormal M/M/F

ISBN: 978-1-60521-205-0

Reviewed by Lisa



Trained assassin Cass Rogers always excelled at her work, but now fate has dealt a hand of irony. Cass is dying, her heart is giving out and she only has a few months left.

Cass, however, has figured out a loophole to her imminent death.  If she completes her latest contract of killing vampire Kirk Raynard then vampire Queen Isolde will turn Cass. Problem solved.  It shouldn’t be too hard to be a vampire.

The Werewolf Council has issued an edict to kill werewolf Jaron Dunmore and his pregnant human lover Leann. They aren’t interested in Kirk, the third member of the triad.  Erick Kragen and Tarn Ladreau have been sent even though they consider Jaron a friend.

While Cass is scoping out her mark’s home she discovers two men also checking out the house.  Cass manages to slow them down, but encounters further problems.  All three are there with murder on their minds.  But who gets in the house first and whether they succeed matters most in the end.

Fast pacing and an adventurous plotline make She’s the One a thoroughly enjoyable tale.  The characters are intelligent and interesting; they pull you into the action and their problems as well as the sexual heat between them.  She’s the One is a welcome addition to a good series, but can easily be read as a stand alone.  For solid entertainment value, She’s the One is a sure bet.


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