Sexy Beast VI by Kate Douglas, Anya Howard and Lydia Parks

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ISBN: 13: 978-0-7582-2869-7

Reviewed by Lisa



“Chanku Honor” by Kate Douglas

Six young drifters have formed a bond of sorts and spend their days in San Francisco at an exhibit of Tibetan grasses in the park, chewing on the variety of sweet grasses while they chat.  When one drifter is threatened something amazing and scary happens.  Luckily a stranger is there to help the group and with the aid of her two mates they all learn who they truly are and what their potential can be.

Once again readers get the chance to visit with sexy shifters in “Chanku Honor”.  In this latest tale we meet six new members and renew our acquaintance with old friends.  If you love the series this is a very good addition while new fans will be made once “Chanku Honor” is read.  Welcome to more hot wolves in “Chanku Honor”!


“Wings of the Swan” by Anya Howard

Saxon chieftain Rulf spends all his waking and some of his dreaming hours worrying about his people and his village.  The Christians are forcing non-believers to bow to their religion or die.  Rulf fears that his people will have to move further north or fight to the death for their way of life.  To give him some clarity he is told to visit a waterfall and pool.  Once he arrives, Rulf comes upon a swan maiden named Inga, a daughter of the goddess Freyja.  The lonely Saxon and the innocent maiden become embroiled in intrigue, betrayal, and possibly death if they aren’t careful.  While their lives are spinning out of control, Rulf and Inga find passion and love.

Enjoy a lovely historical romance with a paranormal twist by reading “Wings of the Swan”.  Vivid imagery, primal male chest pounding, and a powerful yet naïve virgin add up to “Wings of the Swan”, captivating until the last page.


“Animal Instinct” by Lydia Parks

Something is savagely killing men in the Alaskan bush.  Inspector Rachel McNeil has hired Inspector Nikolai Volsky to help her track whatever it is.  Nikolai fears he knows exactly what is killing the men -- the legendary Cushakna.  The beast is unknown to humans, but definitely known to Nikolai and his people, which is how they’d like to keep it.  The killer must be eliminated without Rachel knowing about it as well as keeping Nikolai’s secrets safe. At the same time Rachel and Nikolai are forging a bond whether he should or not and that’s just as dangerous.

Spicy, sexy, and sure to whet your sensual whistle, “Animal Instincts” is hot.  Twists and turns in the plot, along with carnal encounters make for a very entertaining tale.  “Animal Instinct” sizzles.

Sexy Beast VI is the latest incarnation in a very successful series with author Kate Douglas and this time around authors Anya Howard and Lydia Parks as well.  Readers can enjoy three very different, yet very good paranormal romances in Sexy Beast VI.  Another new plotline plus old friends add a fresh touch and we get “Chanku Honor”.  Next we are treated to “Wings of the Swan”, a solid historical with a sweet shifter tale.  Finally, the hot “Animal Instinct” with more twists and a mystery.  Overall, all three stories have something to offer and definitely fulfill the Sexy Beast VI vibe in this entertaining series.


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