Seducing Light by KC Kendricks

Amber Quill – Allure

Contemporary M/M

ISBN: 978-1-60272-530-0

Reviewed by Lisa



Professional photographer Asher Myles is on the brink of getting his life back, finally after having his identity stolen and everything else practically destroyed during the past year or so.  A lucky happenstance gets Asher a chance at a job with Marcia Conley, owner of Dream Living Magazine.

Every hotshot and big wig in Hollywood as well as most of the country would do anything to be seen with golden boy actor Nick Light.  He can pick or choose pretty much any roll these days but Nick is hoping to use his clout to get the screenplay he wrote turned into a movie with Nick signed as the director.

Asher has a plum assignment photographing actor Nick Light’s Montana home.  This job means the difference between sleeping in his car or money in the bank for the first time in a long time so Asher has no intention of screwing it up.  Asher has been out of the closet for years but one long look at Nick when they meet convinces Asher that Nick is so far in the closet he wouldn’t find the door.  To make things tenser there is an instant chemistry neither will acknowledge. 

Asher refuses to play games while Nick can’t afford anyone knowing about him, especially with his directorial debut coming soon.  It’s too bad that undeniable something, that connection refuses to quiet down for Asher and Nick because a once in a lifetime love means just that.

Seducing Light is an emotional tsunami that takes you to such incredible places; from tender moments to heart breaking misery as well as red hot encounters.  Asher Myles and Nick Light are complete opposites – their personalities clash, they have vastly different backgrounds and social standings yet together they are magic.  Author KC Kendricks gives us an intriguing Hollywood setting with interesting careers and the supposed necessity of living in the closet.  My one gripe is that some important things are a bit vague in the beginning such as Asher’s identity problems and the moment he figures out that he truly loves Nick.  However, once they do acknowledge their connection, Seducing Light picks up speed and takes readers on a wonderful ride.  Seducing Light offers something special – total entertainment, hot passion and much more.  Seducing Light is a story readers will remember long after the last page is finished.


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